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Dive Travel

Dive Travel


The anticipation and excitment leading up to a group adventure is like nothing else. New friends and old, there's nothing that can beat a shared story, or a laugh or the excitement of discovery.


Dive travel is your chance to step out, reach for something new and build memories for a lifetime.

Checkout the upcoming trips and reserve your space . . . the next great adventure is just around the corner . . .

. . . step into adventure!

Dive Travel


Thirty-nine years, and thousands of dives later, I still remember those precious first few minutes off the coast of Galiano Island like they were yesterday. What I found just off that short leap of faith, is what has kept me diving ever since.


The sheer amount of wildlife under our waters is incredible. I’ve seen hundreds of crabs crawling across the sea floor just off Ladysmith, had cleaner shrimp dance on my hand in Malaysia.




   . . . step into adventure!





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